Key Note Speaker

Wir freuen uns, u. a. folgende international renommierte Referent*innen in ausgewählten Sitzungen des Kongresses begrüßen zu dürfen.

Cervantes_2.jpgProfessor Andrés Cervantes is head of the Medical Oncology Department at the University Hospital in Valencia. His main areas of research are gastrointestinal malignancies and new drug development. Dr. Cervantes is Professor of Medicine at the University of Valencia and since May 2017 he is the General and Scientific Director of the Institute of Health Research – INCLIVA. He has been director of Education at ESMO, European Society of Medical Oncology, and associate editor of the Annals of Oncology, the European medical Journal with the highest impact on oncology. He is currently President Elect of ESMO.

Vortragstitel: The role of personalized precision Medicine in the future of Hematology and Oncology
in der Eröffnungs-Plenarsitzung am Freitag, 7.10.2022 in der Zeit von 17:15–18:45 Uhr, Saal F Ebene 0

Curtis_headshot.jpgChristina Curtis, PhD, MSc is an Endowed Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Genetics at Stanford University where she leads the Cancer Computational and Systems Biology group. Dr. Curtis also serves as the Director of Breast Cancer Translational Research and Co-Director of the Molecular Tumor Board at the Stanford Cancer Institute. Dr. Curtis’ laboratory leverages computational modeling, high-throughput molecular profiling and experimentation to develop new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. Her research has redefined the molecular map of breast cancer, resulting in novel biomarkers that are being translated to the clinic. Additionally, she developed new paradigms in understanding how human tumors evolve and metastasize. 

Vortragstitel: Cancer evolution and the chronology of metastasis
in der Plenarsitzung am Samstag, 8.10.2022 in der Zeit von 10:00–11:30 Uhr, Saal F Ebene 0

von Deimling_Andreas 3.jpgProfessor Andreas von Deimling ist seit 2007 Direktor der Abteilung für Neuropathologie der Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg sowie Leiter der klinischen Kooperationseinheit Neuropathologie des Deutschen Krebsforschungszentrums. Seine Schwerpunkte liegen in der Pathologie und Molekulargenetik von Tumoren des zentralen und peripheren Nervensystems.

Vortragstitel: Tumor diagnostics by methylation profiling
in der Plenarsitzung am Samstag, 8.10.2022 in der Zeit von 10:00–11:30 Uhr, Saal F Ebene 0